When some one gets scammed it hurts, some one has betrayed you in a personal way, but to say they are all cheats or whores it totally wrong. Just because one people does some thing wrong U judge them all as being the same. I am met my wife on the internet and we have been married 6yrs with soon to be 3children... she has been with me thru thick and thin... there are a lot of scammers but also a lot of honest women, whom get used and abused by men who play them as well...

Well, at least nw you knw better, I suggest you come here and enjoy a vacation instead, and a lovely lady will come along the way. I undrstand how you feel, and there are some good points on the other comments. Then again I hope it doesn't change how you view wowen here as a whole. There are lots of beautiful, stiving wowen here. And yes. They don't ask for money, unless its what they do for a living. Good luck to yah.

Please believe that many of the girls/women in the Philippines are from poor homes/areas and they are doing what "THEY BELIEVE" is their only way to have something of a life. I honestly hope u can somehow believe this

shameful of you girl.....you made dirty faces to all filipinas. go to hell and thats sound truly on fire...shame shame shame...

Marriage after one month? Are we in the medieval time? Those bitches have the word SCAM marked on their forehead. But still I'm really pissed and sorry that dog meat did that to you. I wish hell exists for those assholes.

Some of those pictures look like she/he(?) could be a tranny.

"All scams have an emotional hook to them,"  "Relationship scams are obviously so much more emotional. It's amazingly cruel."

Actually I am a filipina, 32 yrs old and single. I'm so sorry for what happend to you plus the fact that who've done this to you was a filipina also.
I really don't know why there are people like this! It's just easy for them to pretend and lie

ok dont fall for filipina women again OK,most of them are plain trash

know the story behind her. did u fuck her? show it to the world. post it! humiliate her..that;s all i can think of :)